Saturday, November 21, 2009

Left4Dead 2 is a joke?

The original Left4Dead has won our praise by its great dynamic gameplay, tons of blood, brilliant and still quite exotic for that time cooperative multiplayer and a great deal of replayability.

The sequel was met with a protest by the game's community which claimed that it is not fair to release a sequel without any significant gameplay innovations and making everybody just buy a content-pack for a price of a new game. Some people supported this point of view, some met it sceptically.

But from what I can see right now, Left4Dead 2 is indeed a great, massive content-pack, which features five new campaigns and two new playing modes: Realism and Scavenge. The first one is basically an ultra-high level of difficulty for campaigns, and the second one is a new round-based mode about gathering canisters and refueling the car.

This stuff really could be released in the form of downloadable content like Valve did with Team Fortress 2, but this time they decided to make a whole new game out of it and, frankly speaking, we cannot blame them for this decision.

The game itself has some really cool levels, new characters and a couple of new zombie behaviors, but the core game mechanics haven't changed a bit, and neither have the graphics. Nothing surprising so far, and I have already finished 4 out of 5 campaigns. In fact, all we've got here is another portion of good old (holy cow—that's a year!) Left4Dead gameplay.

If you liked it, you probably have already bought the sequel. If you didn't like it, the sequel won't by any means change your feeling about it. If you haven't played neither, you should probably go for the Valve's special offer and buy the bundle for 70 bucks. Or not. It's up to you.

I'll be writing a full-scale review of the game for in a few days, so you will see its English version here, but I'm quite sure that nothing will have changed by then.

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