Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bruce and Gerard pals forevah

I've finally gone to the cinema tonight to see Gamer after a month of waiting, and so happened, that I've recently watched Surrogates on DVD, so I couldn't neglect the overall similarity of movies' main ideas: both feature lazy humans who sit at home and manipulate bodies via some kind of interface (one point to Gamer for manipulating other living humans).

Gamer is a movie which has great visual effects but a really lame storyline, while Surrogates offers a still lame one but at least trying not to be such, while visual effects here are mostly speculation on futuristic human-like dolls and a great scene with these dummies falling down all over the city.

But in Gamer we also have a beautifully made PlayStation Home allusion, which makes the movie worth watching at least for the sake of getting lulz out of it. Not to mention the ending, in which the main character kills the local version of Dr. Evil and the audience is so overloaded with the spark of pure happiness, that everyone almost seems to have a bubble above his head saying something like "gg you suck n00b owned l2p".

And, finally, while Surrogates is probably the worst Bruce Willis's role, Gamer is one of the best for Gerard Butler. Not even to mention that Milo Ventimiglia shows up in one scene of Gamer doing a short, but a really good acting job. You probably know this actor for his role of Peter Petrelli in Heroes TV series or Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls. 

Both movies are satiric and fun to watch to some extent, but the whole Running Man scenery of Gamer is slightly better. If I had to rate them, I'd probably just swap their IMDB scores giving Gamer 6.4 and Surrogates 6 out of ten. Neither of movies is a total epic fail, but I see no reason for watching either of them for the second time. 

And again, if you want to see some action, Surrogates has none to offer.

P.S. Both movies clearly were inspired by video games. Great media for the industry in whole!

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