Friday, November 20, 2009

The media globe theory

The media globe is a manner of treating different kinds of media which do not really often go together, but still have too much in common. For example, TV shows, video games, animated films and movies. In modern society the level of globalization has reached the point when virtually no distinctions should be made between those kinds of media.

They are completely different industries with different people working on projects and different production processes, however, the end-product is pretty much alike: all of them are played on technically similar hardware, all of them feature storyline, all of them can be easily bought via digital delivery services on the Internet. All of them have actors and all of them are listed in critics databases such as IMDB, and Metacritic.

The media globe is solid and has a firm comfortable surface. We walk on it everyday feeling really good about ourselves and about it. But every time you turn on your TV, you dip your head into the globe and observe one certain part of the inside. You dip your head in a different part of the globe, and you see a new media. Sometimes you have to dip your hands as well, though.

But what will we see if we cut the globe open? That's right, it is segmented in a way that if you take one segment away, you will see all types of media at the same time. Suddenly, you feel an urge to observe them all at once.

A person with an Internet access nowadays consumes a tremendous amount of visual information. We turn on our laptops, PlayStations, Xboxes, DVD & Blu-ray players and AV receivers and consume, consume consume. We consume all the time and we want to consume even more. But the ax of boredom and idleness is already hanging over our necks, ready to fall down any second if we're out of favorite TV shows for the week. And that's when we want even more, and this desire helps us find our way into another media.

Clearly, switching to another media cannot go nicely and smoothly for everyone. If your friend has given you advice to play Gothic 3 or to watch Bloodrayne, your impression about the media you have chosen to consume content from clearly won't be right.

And that's why me and some of my buddies decided to create a place on the Internet, where all kinds of visual media will be equal. We will try as hard as we can to guide you to your exploration and help you find the pieces of content which are right just for you.

We are starting to work on a site, which will feature news, reports, reviews and announces of all kinds of media in a familiar to everyone format of a blog. Our site will also have webcasts, which will allow you to get your visual media reports visually. This project will most likely be announced after the New Year, so stay tuned.

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