Monday, November 16, 2009

A little sthg about Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age is perhaps the best CRPG since Fallout 2. There are reviewers out there who say that it has nothing new to offer the genre, but I haven't seen anything deeper, more authentic and sophisticated  in almost ten years and, frankly speaking, I don't quite give a fuck about how innovative it is.

The game gives you an impression of a nice fantasy book. It doesn't give you a set of rules and a setting—it gives you the world and its laws. Those who don't obey shall perish like thousands did before them.

I think I've already written this on Twitter, but every time you don't read a journal (codex) entry in Dragon Age, somewhere dies a kitten.  The game world's history and mythology is so interesting and thought-out, that one may even say that codex itself is a whole full-scale fantasy book.

But the coolest thing about Dragon Age is that the game alongside with recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 shows us how a 'hardcore' title may be financially successful and recognized by the mass market. And TV commercials, I guess, played a major role here. Nobody remains indifferent after watching the great 30 Seconds to Mars Dragon Age video.

And that is exactly what everybody's been talking about since the dawn of commercial development. The games are maturing, becoming a totally independent media, and the games marketing keeps getting more significant. You need to know how to sell your game and it is just as important as knowing how to make a fun one. 

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