Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More about PoxNora

Yesterday, I wrote about new SOE’s MMO card game being released on Facebook. Well, guess what, I have finally tried it out properly, and now I am quite sure that it is the most sophisticated game for social sites so far. PoxNora is made for competition and multiplayer. There are different types of lobbies for casual, ranked and training games, and you can even observe games. You will compose decks (or battlegroups), collect or buy new runes and try to beat your friend, strangers and even AI.  There aren’t much players in game yet, however, I really think they will come as soon as more social features are implemented. The tutorial is a little bit tiresome, but, on the other hand, how do you expect a person who has never seen a card strategy game before to know how to play it? I can’t yet say anything about balance, but I certainly like the mechanics.

The bottom line is you don't have to play Mafia and Poker anymore—something new and awesome (and competitive too) has arrived. That is not to mention PoxNora has definitely come to stay. Facebook is evolving into a gaming platform after all.

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