Sunday, March 21, 2010

Foam & Mud game concept

You’ve got your new shiny touchscreen phone, which has an accelerometer feature in it. Apart from throwing dice and choosing keyboard layout this feature can’t do pretty much anything. But you would find it quite awesome to play something relaxing using this feature—you have payed your money for it after all. So here is what I suggest.

This new game is called Foam & Mud. What you see on the screen can be either of them. Let’s say it is mud, because it is black, while the background is white. And let’s get rid of the phone. We don’t need no buttons—this game is all about your cool touchscreen and accelerometer.

Nothing’s changed, as you can see—we’ve only gotten rid of stuff we don’t need right now. So what do you wanna do with all this mud? Right now it looks very random and doesn’t seem to look like anything I’ve ever seen or thought about. Let’s give it some shape. At first we shall tilt the phone slightly left, making the mud fallow and slide to the lower part of the screen.

Next we’ll tilt it forward making mud slide again.

And to the opposite direction just for a moment. We can also move it as many times as we want until we get something like a shape:

So here it is. A head and a tail of something vague. Let’s give this little fellow something to look with.

Wow, look! He’s got eyes now that we have clicked twice on the screen. Now let’s give him a smile so that he doesn’t look so sad and unhealthy.

The moment we made our little monster smile an achievement appeared telling us that this is something we have made good. Next time we may wanna create a robot, a rabbit, an elephant or even Johnny Depp’s portrait if we are good enough. Moreover, as the game’s name suggests, we can also change consistency of the material, switching from mud to foam, which will naturally affect the gameplay.

Here is how the figures are seen by the game and compared to ones in the game’s vector bank.

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